start a business in 7 days 

Like basketball, playing a musical instrument or being an artist - business execution is a skill that needs to be learned. Ideas are worthless without proper execution by a competent founder or team. 

The two biggest barriers to getting started in entrepreneurship are

A) I don't have an idea


B) I have an idea but I don't know how to get started

What makes this problem worse is the amount of noise out there. If you Google how to start a business all you get are shallow 5 step blog posts or courses with meaningless and obvious content. 

They'll say things like make a business plan, network, do market research!

I built instaMek to a multi-million dollar business and got started in 7 days without doing any of that non-sense.

Just 7 days from my idea to my first customer.

Starting a business isn’t rocket science – but it’s still science.

You don’t need the perfect idea.

You don’t need the right team.

You don’t need more time.

You don’t need anything.

You just need to get started. The rest will figure itself out.

Having said that though – getting started is a process and I’m going to teach you that process.

There has been no other time in history where entrepreneurs have been glorified as much as they have right now. 

Most of us are sick and tired of our 9-5 jobs - working like mindless drones - without passion or heart.

We want to start a business of our own so we get out of this rat race and work on something that excites us – but at the end of they day – we never actually get around to doing it.

Working for a steady pay check is like being a caged animal – your potential is capped and your life sucks but you get the same amount of money every 2 weeks which gives you the illusion of safety.

These are called the golden handcuffs.  

You will dead inside and you know this isn’t what life is all about but you just can’t get out of this life because you don’t know what else is out there - and even if you did quit you wouldn’t even know what to do.

Chances are if a great idea hit you right in the face you’d probably just end up spending all your time doing “market surveys” or talking to your friends about this idea forever.

Before you know it – someone else will have that idea executed and you’ll be left saying “that was my idea first” – like that means something.

At the end of the day – you’re only fooling yourself – and living an uninspired life where you sit on the sidelines while the hustlers chases their dreams.  

You can change that and you can get started now.

You don’t need a billionaire dollar idea.

You need to take the first steps.

This course is about making you your first $1000.

Not $1 million dollars but your first $1000.

No excuses.

Everything you will learn is super practical and tangible. You will leave the day with all the tools you need to get started.

We will encompass the following in detail:



idea + testing

We will tackle the biggest barrier to most entrepreneurs - idea creation and validation. 



With your idea validated - it's time for paying customers. We teach you how to price your product, pick your target demographic and appeal to them through proper messaging and using the right distribution channel.  



Entrepreneurship is hard. Staying focused and productive is even harder - especially when you're the only one pushing yourself. Learn how to be vicious with your time using systems to boost productivity versus relying on will power. 



IMG_0738 (1).jpg

Uzair Ahmed is a big believer that in business you just have to get started and then move fast, making mistakes and learning quickly. 

After launching 5 businesses in 4 years, he was able to start instaMek in just 7 days - from idea to first paying customer. 

In just one year, instaMek was able to achieve a 7 figure run rate with 20 employees and operations in 4 cities. instaMek has been being featured in the Globe & Mail, Financial Post, CBC and many more publications.

His entertaining and to the point style of teaching forces entrepreneurs to push themselves to get started. 

Uzair will teach you step by step - what he did to get instaMek from $0 to $1000 in a way that's applicable to any business or idea. 



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All lectures are in person and the groups are purposely kept small. This allows for more hands on learning and individual questions. 

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