Arctic venture Edmonton

Arctic Venture is jump starting the start up ecosystem in Edmonton. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs - we embody the principles that we apply to our own businesses – moving quickly, connecting and adding real value in our mission to make Edmonton the hub of start-ups in Canada.

We will do this by rewarding good ideas and great execution. This will create a community of entrepreneurs, investors and talented individuals who bring each other up in ways that only a world class ecosystem can.


Business is a skill that needs to be taught but it's so difficult to find actionable information that will actually help you. 

By attending the Arctic Venture lecture series you'll learn - in a very hands on way - how to start a business in 7 days and make your first $1000. 


Professional networking events are generally ineffective and tedious ways to expand your network.

We realize this and have changed the game. Our gatherings are personal, fun and hosted in unique venues which promote a sense of belonging. 


We host invite only dinners for 8 founders so we can create an intimate setting for those on the same path to discuss, debate and help each other in a deep way.

Most of the founders have gone through the lectures and are in the early stages of their businesses.